"Egyptian Vulture" Fine Art Bird Photography Print Unframed by Jordi Piqué 32" x 20"or 48" x 30"

$325.00 CAD

This regal-looking bird is an Egyptian vulture captured by the camera of Spanish photographer Jordi Piqué at the Barcelona Zoo. With its artistically enhanced abstract background, this photographic artwork celebrates this majestic Old World vulture. Also called the white scavenger vulture or pharaoh's chicken, the Egyptian vulture is the only member of the genus Neophron. It is widely distributed from southwestern Europe and northern Africa to India. The contrasting underwing pattern and wedge-shaped tail make it distinctive in flight as it soars in thermals during the warmer parts of the day. Egyptian vultures feed mainly on carrion but are opportunistic and will prey on small mammals, birds, and reptiles. They also feed on the eggs of other birds, breaking larger ones by tossing a large pebble onto them. The use of tools is rare in birds and apart from the use of a pebble as a hammer, Egyptian vultures also use twigs to roll up wool for use in their nest. Egyptian vultures that breed in the temperate regions migrate south in winter while tropical populations are relatively sedentary. Populations of this species have declined in the 20th century and some island populations are endangered by hunting, accidental poisoning, and collision with power lines. 

This glorious image will be the centerpiece of any space and makes a superb addition to your wildlife art collection, "Egyptian Vulture" is available in actual image sizes with no border of 32" x 20.52" or 48" x 30.77" vividly reproduced on matte satin finish premium archival photo paper (weight 260 gr /m) which is rolled, carefully packaged in a sturdy shipping tube and shipped directly from Jordi Piqué's studio in Spain, ready for your custom framing.