"Echoes" Handpainted Treescape Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Dominic Lecavalier 30" x 60" SALE

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This handpainted treescape features shades of deep blue, turquoise and soft yellow creating the perfect backdrop for the pristine white birch trunks and leaves.

Dimensions: 30 x 60"
Artist: Lecavalier


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Ready-to-hang, gallery-wrapped, handpainted canvases have an artistic contemporary look with wonderful depth and texture. After collaborating with the artist to develop a new piece of art, an original painting is created. The original artwork is reproduced through scanning to retrieve a digital file which is then printed onto artist-grade, 100% cotton canvas with large format printers. Once the image has been printed on canvas, the artist individually hand paints all or certain parts of the image -- often embellishing with gold, silver or copper leaf -- bringing it to life again with a highly texturized and embellished finish. Through this process of hand painting, the print becomes an oil or acrylic painting with the hand touch and "look" of an original painting that can be reproduced by the artist in quantities as required.

The Phoenix Collection lists these paintings as "handpainted" to differentiate between one-of-a-kind original paintings, but they are often referred to also as original paintings or art reproductions in other venues. The finished canvas is treated with a clear UV-protectant coating which inhibits the damaging effects of ultraviolet light from the sun and flouorescent lighting, dust and humidity. It is then stretched, the edges pulled down around a sturdy wooden framework 1.5" or 2" deep, securely attached and ready to hang. (Gallery-wrapped indicates that the handpainted image extends or continues to the edges of the canvas that is then wrapped and secured over the frame.) To care for your canvas, simply use a very soft cloth or feather duster to lightly dust the surface, as required. 

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