"Better Together" Mangabey Monkeys Fine Art Photography Print Unframed by Jordi Piqué 36" x 24"or 48" x 32"

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This mangabey monkey family were photographed in the Barcelona Zoo during breeding season by Spanish fine art photographer Jordi Piqué who captures the tenderness and love these monkeys have for each other. 

A superb addition to your primate art and/or exotic wildlife art collection, "Better Together" is available in actual print sizes of 36" x 24" or 48" x 32" vividly reproduced on matte satin finish premium archival photo paper (weight 260 gr /m) which is rolled, carefully packaged in a sturdy shipping tube and shipped directly from Jordi Piqué's studio in Spain, ready for your custom framing. 

Jordi Piqué ~ Artist Statement

The white-crowned mangabey is an endangered species. The mangabeys originate from Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. They are characterized by a white, crescent-shaped mark on their head. The main reason for their being on the brink of extinction is human consumption and deforestation of its habitat by the timber industry.

These photos are taken at the Barcelona Zoo and I had the great pleasure of attending the first days of a breeding season.

Mangabeys live in families that revolve always around mothers and children. After delivery and for days afterwards, the male stays by the female's side, softly caressing her and keeping her free of parasites. Neither more nor less than what a man would do with his wife. It is a relationship of great tenderness.

The mother searches for a corner and protects her baby with her body. In the first days it is practically impossible to take a picture of the baby because it is constantly covered by the mother's coat. I barely managed to photograph a bare, hairless hand.

As the days passed, the mangabeys became accustomed to my quiet presence and I could finally photograph the baby. She was permanently hooked to her mother's breast. How human are the animals! So much tenderness in the mother!

In one of the photos I took, I thought I saw the mother with a look of gratitude to nature. It seems that the mangabeys are aware of their critical state of extinction and that they take each birth as a miracle for survival. Within a few days, hair begins to grow on the baby.

It is spectacularly beautiful to see these wonderful scenes of union with the whole family.

Jordi Piqué

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