"After Dark" Handpainted Treescape on Ready-to-Hang Canvas by Giovanni Russo 40" x 40" Donation

$525.00 CAD

A bestseller, this impactful piece of tree art can make an exciting difference in your space, lit...
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"Aristrocrat" Ready-to-Hang Handpainted Abstract by Giovanni Russo 44" x 67"

$695.00 CAD

A classic handpainted abstract canvas in rich brown, black and white is accentuated with a bold b...
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"Arizona Aerial" Ready-to-Hang Handpainted Abstract on Metal by Giovanni Russo 39" x 39"

$595.00 CAD

Rich in texture and in colour, this handpainted metal abstract was inspired by a sliver of semi-p...
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"Bazaar" Abstract Handpainted Oil on Canvas by Giovanni Russo 72" x 72"

$995.00 CAD

This giant-sized abstract featuring a melangé of blue, green, purple and neutral hues lends a bur...
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"Daydream" Rowboat on Wood Panels by Giovanni Russo 48" x 36"

$550.00 CAD

This dreamy handpainted golden rowboat is handpainted on wood panels and features a rich, warm co...
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"Deep Blue" Handpainted Cityscape Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Giovanni Russo 40" x 60"

$575.00 CAD

PRE-ORDER THIS BESTSELLING ARTWORK - SHIPS FROM FEBRUARY 27, 2017 This chic and highy stylized ci...
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"Evening in Times Square" Handpainted Cityscape Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Giovanni Russo 30" x 60" Pre-Order

$325.00 CAD

This exciting cityscape printed on canvas and then handpainted features a funhouse mirror perspec...
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"Manhattan View" Handpainted Cityscape Print by Giovanni Russo 60" x 30"

$350.00 CAD

Manhattan glows in the dawn sun in this beautifully handpainted artwork by artist Giovanni Russo....
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"Metallic Forest" Hand-Painted Trees 40" x 40" by Giovanni Russo

$475.00 CAD

Metallic Forest is a hand-painted landscape of trees set on an aluminum background with aluminum ...
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"Touch of Gold" Handpainted Abstract Set of Tiles by Giovanni Russo 37" x 37" SALE

$525.00 CAD $295.00 CAD

This product is unavailable

SOLD OUT Shades of electric blues, rich browns and silver leaf combine to make this stunning abst...
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