"After Dark" Handpainted Treescape on Ready-to-Hang Canvas by Giovanni Russo 40" x 40" Donation

$525.00 CAD

A bestseller, this impactful piece of tree art can make an exciting difference in your space, lit...
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"Black Beauty" Equine Art Framed Canvas Print by Marta Gottfried Wiley 54" x 36" Donation

$745.00 CAD

What's not to love! Spectacular "Black Beauty" is so exquisite in detail, style, rich colours and...
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"Not Forgotten" Limited Edition of 975 Framed Canvas Print by Maxine Noel 13" x 16-1/2" Donation to NWAC

$175.00 CAD

"Not Forgotten" is a Limited Edition of 975 created by First Nations artist Maxine Noel to honour...
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"Roger-African Rhino" Limited Edition Print of 95 by James Corwin - Donation to Rhino Orphanage

$95.00 CAD

Although the original painting of "Roger" has been sold for $5,500 USD, here is your opportunity ...
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