"Echoes" Handpainted Treescape Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Dominic Lecavalier 30" x 60" SALE

$495.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

This handpainted treescape features shades of deep blue, turquoise and soft yellow creating the p...
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"Family Trees" Handpainted Reeady-to-Hang Canvas Print by Dominic Lecavalier 40" x 50" SALE

$625.00 CAD $550.00 CAD

A stand of whimsical trees rendered in hues of blue and earthy browns warms up any space. Handpai...
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"Golden Forest" Handpainted Treescape 60" x 40" by Dominic Lecavalier

$365.00 CAD

This stunning golden treescape is hand-painted with a beautiful highly textured background. This ...
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