"Deer Lodge I" Framed Canvas Print by Tandi Venter 42-1/2" x 42-1/2"

$525.00 CAD

"Deer Lodge I" brilliantly showcases just one of the many stylistic facets of versatile artist Ta...
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"Red Stag" Handpainted With Copper Accents on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas 50" x 60" x 1.5"

$475.00 CAD

This handsome "Red Stag" is a handpainted print embellished with metallic copper accents. Measuri...
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"Resilience" Limited Edition of 95 Print of Moose by James Corwin

$115.00 CAD

The original oil painting on canvas of "Resilience" 30" x 40" by renowned wildlife artist James C...
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"Stag I" Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Marta Gottfried Wiley 40" x 30"

$375.00 CAD

Ultra-elegant and classic, this majestic stag by Marta Gottfried Wiley takes a noble stance amids...
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"The Cynosure" Elk— Limited Edition Print of 95 by James Corwin 36" x 24"

$395.00 CAD

Although the original oil on canvas painting of "The Cynosure" 36" x 24" has been sold, here is y...
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"Waterbuck" Resin Animal Wall Sculpture

$225.00 CAD

This beautiful polyresin water buck head plaque with glorious long, curly horns is embellished wi...
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