"Bison" Print on Canvas w/Floater Frame by Benjamin Chee Chee 10" X 8"

$125.00 CAD

The richly hued "Bison" is a departure from the flowing graphic style of many other works by the ...
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"Bugged Boss" Cape Buffalo Limited Edition of 95 Print Ready-to-Hang by James Corwin

$120.00 CAD

"Bugged Boss," a new painting by renowned wildlife artist James Corwin is now available in a Limi...
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"Bugged Boss" Cape Buffalo Original Oil on Canvas by James Corwin 30" x40"

$8,450.00 CAD

"Bugged Boss" is a new oil on canvas painting by renowned wildlife artist James Corwin.  (Limited...
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"Giants in the Mist" Bison Limited Edition Print of 95 Ready-to-Hang Canvas by James Corwin 36" x 24"

$395.00 CAD

Although the original oil on canvas painting of "Giants in the Mist" 36" x 24" has been sold, her...
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"Mother & Child Wood Bison" Framed Canvas Print by Garnet Tobacco 8" x 10"

$95.00 CAD

Stunning abstract animals and soft earthy colours distinguish Garnet Tobacco's "Mother & Chil...
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"North Range" Handpainted Canvas Print of Buffalo by Patrick St. Germain 48" x 36" x 1.7"

$365.00 CAD

A handsome buffalo is the focal of the stylized "North Range". This handpainted print with its ha...
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"The Whitewalkers" Bison Limited Edition of 95 Framed Canvas Print by James Corwin

$115.00 CAD

"The Whitewalkers" portrays a herd of bison as they fight through a snowstorm in Yellowstone Nati...
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